Calendar Slicer
Having an overloaded calendar on your iPad? Family arrangements mixed with business appointments, birthdays mixed with holidays, team meetings mixed with your personal activities, etc. Scheduling should be easier. Start to use Calendar Slicer and manage your calendars side by side.



How to add iCloud/Google calendars to Calendar Slicer?

  • Open the "Settings" app on your iPad.
  • Tap "Calendar" from the settings list.
  • Tap "Accounts (iCloud, GMail)".
  • Tap "Add Account" and follow the instruction to add an iCloud account or Google account.
  • Open up the app switcher by double-pressing the Home button on your iPad. You’ll get a series of icons and app thumbnails you can swipe through. Simply swipe upward on "Calendar Slicer" thumbnail until you flick it off of the screen.
  • Press the Home button to close the app switcher. And tap on "Calendar Slicer" icon to open it. You will have the new calendars in Calendar Slicer.
  • Why I cannot see the latest modifications I made from one iPad on another?

  • For events belonging to an iCloud calendar, the modifications can be broadcast to another iPad or iOS devices immediately. Please go to "Settings"->"Calendar"->"Accounts". Tap on "Fetch New Data". Make sure you enable "Push" and use "Push" for "iCloud" calendars.
  • For events belonging to a non-iCloud calendar, for example, Google Calendar, there will be delay for the changes to be broadcast to other devices. If you use a browser to check your Google Calendar, you will see the modifications immediately in the browser. The boradcast delay to other devices is depends on the settings. Please go to "Settings"->"Calendar"->"Accounts". Tap on "Fetch New Data" then tap on the account that holds the calendar, for example, "Gmail". Make sure you select "Fetch" and go back to "Fetch New Data". Scroll down and you can specify the fetch schedule. You can set it to "Every 15 Minutes", "Every 30 Minutes", "Hourly" or "Manually". We suggest you select "Every 15 Minutes".
  • How to hide/show or sort calendars in Calendar Slicer?

  • Open Calendar Slicer app on your iPad.
  • Tap "Calendars" button from the bottom-right corner of the screen. A pop-up screen will show up.
  • Select/deselect any calendar to show/hide it. And to adjust each calendar's sort order, drag the sort icon of any calendar and drop it to the location you want to adjust its order.
  • How many calendars can I have on one screen?

  • It depends on the device type you use. If all of the calendars cannot be displayed on one screen, you can scroll the calendar header area horizontally to show other calendars on the screen.
  • For iPad pro 12", you can have up to 7 calendars in landscape mode and up to 5 calendars in portrait mode.
  • For iPad pro 9", you can have up to 5 calendars in landscape mode and up to 4 calendars in portrait mode.
  • For iPad or iPad mini, you can have up to 5 calendars in landscape mode and up to 4 calendars in portrait mode.
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